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If you decided that a destination vacation is not in the cards, you definitely need to come up with an amazing local bachelor or bachelorette party alternative (especially if you want your friends to show up and chip in for the costs). Since you are deciding to stay within your metropolitan area, a great option would be to book a party bus for your bachelor or bachelorette party as described below.   

What is a Party Bus?

To make sure this is something you want to do for your special occasion, you should know the true definition of a party bus, which underscores its difference from a conventional limousine. In brief, like limousines, party buses are also operated by experienced, sober drivers (hopefully) with proper licensing, but party buses can hold anywhere from 10-40 people depending on your party size and budget (the owner of Zappos even has a party bus that seats 60!). Party buses also differ from even the best stretch limousines because you and your friends can stand up and walk around freely when driving conditions permit or you’re parked.

Although party buses are being specially manufactured for this purpose, not all party buses started out that way. We have seen old school buses converted into party buses, as well as retired Greyhound buses. Although the inventor of the original party bus has been lost to history, perhaps the archetypical school bus turned party bus is best exemplified by Ken Kesey (author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) and his zany band of Merry Pranksters’ psychedelic party bus chronicled in Tom Wolfe’s The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. One version of the Merry Prankster’s party bus even featured a Plexiglas dome on the top for sightseeing. 

party bus interior

Although configurations differ and you probably won’t find many Plexiglas domes available, most party buses do offer many of the same features. Within the actual bus itself is something more spacious and magical than what you were used to on your ride to high school. Instead of rows of seats, there is usually long leather comfortable couch interior-facing seating on both sides of the bus. Many party bus companies offer plus leather seating. The floor is typically laminated so that spilled alcohol (and vomit) can easily be mopped up. The middle of the bus will usually have a stripper pole (or two) for the imaginary or real-life exotic dancers, depending on the package you select. Most party buses also have a state-of-the-art sound system, disco, strobe and/or neon lights, a cooler to keep drinks cold and hold ice, restrooms, and in some cases, even a retractable moon roof (but no dome). In rare instances, we have seen these buses come equipped with fully stocked bars and a Jacuzzi as well. In fact, even the Barbie line of dolls features a “Barbie Hot Tub Party Bus.”

Basically, the point of a party bus adventure is to take you and your friends to and from a location in a safe and comfortable manner, while you and your friends drink, smoke, snort, or whatever makes you happy while in transit. Many people decide to book party buses to take them on a bar crawl, to go clubbing, to sightsee or just to drive around aimlessly for 4 or more hours. After all, where else can you “drink and drive” and party legally? Alternatively, many American cities have a number of interesting historic and cultural attractions that can be enjoyed even more from the comfort of a party bus complete with all of the amenities. After spending a great deal of time as teens driving around with a can of beer held just below the car window, this freedom to legally imbibe and sightsee at the same time can be a truly exhilarating and releasing experience. Even traffic jams can be a blast when you have a party on wheels!

It should be pointed out that this is a perfect idea if you are traveling long distances, but if you are just going to a club 10 minutes away from your starting point, it would not make sense to entertain this option. In addition, it should be pointed out that some party bus operators do not comply with all required regulations and safety inspections and standards, so be sure to do your due diligence before booking a party bus for your bachelor or bachelorette party. Otherwise, if an accident occurs, the attorneys might be looking at you.

Party Bus Rentals

If you decided that booking a party bus is a great option for your group, the next step would be renting one. Since most of these buses are privately owned, the prices will differ from each company and each destination. Prices can start anywhere from $400 per hour up to $2000 per hour; the current average for hiring a party bus in the U.S. is $605. The rates are determined based on the following variables:

  • Type of Bus (newer buses with more amenities will naturally cost more);
  • Size of Bus (the more seating available, the more expensive);
  • Amount of Time (party buses are booked on an hourly basis, so the longer the rental time, the more expensive it will be)
  • Location and Date (specific cities will be more expensive, so will holiday weekends, peak times such as 5 p.m. on weekdays and Saturdays when 80% of party bus business takes place, etc.)

Most party bus companies offer bachelor and bachelorette party packages beginning in minimum 4-hour increments. This means that even if you and your friends only use the party bus or a couple of hours, you’ll still be charged the full price so plan on spending the full amount of time purchased in order to get your money’s worth. In contrast to taxicab companies, the price charged by party bus companies also typically includes bus preparation and cleaning prior to and after your party and the driving time required to pick you and your friends up and return you to a destination of your choice.

Chicago Party Bus Rentals

If you are located in the Windy City and looking to rent a party bus, we recommend Chitown Party Buses.  If you have 30 friends or just want to ball out a bit, book their Triple-D bus, which is literally a nightclub on wheels. You can contact Chitown Party Buses at 630-930-4316 or through their Web site for more information or to make reservations.

Another reputable party bus rental company in Chicago is VIP Limousine, Inc. which offers party buses that will seat up to 40 people. This company even features modified Humvees with double axles with a capacity of 24 passengers. All party buses come complete with large bars and some even feature plasma screen televisions. Call VIP Limousine toll-free at 800-611-2502 or contact them through their Web site for additional information or reservations.

Atlanta Party Bus Rentals

If you are in Atlanta and planning on a local bachelor party, we recommend Top Shelf Party Buses, as they have over 22 different options for rentals, ranging from 10 people to 50 people.  Their hourly rates range from $400 to $1300 depending on the bus you select and the amount of time desired. They can be reached at 770-640-6008 or through their Web site.

Likewise, the aptly named Atlanta Party Bus company offers 16-, 20- and 40-passenger party buses that are complete with all of the amenities typically featured in upscale party buses. Moreover, Atlanta Party Bus will take you and your friends to a destination of your choice outside Atlanta and the surrounding suburbs if you prefer. Atlanta Party Bus can be reached at 678-818-9700 24/7.

Need more suggestions?  Check out our Atlanta party bus rentals guide!

Denver Party Bus Rentals

303 Party Bus Denver is Denver’s #1 rated party bus company, and you can feel that commitment to quality and customer service in everything they do.  Looking for on-board ice chests, stripper poles, colorful lights, a great sound system, and luxury leather appointments?  Then you really want to check out their fleet.  They even have activities you can book on the bus, such as casino or distillery tours.  Of course, you can personalize your own route by creating your own local tour or book their services for parties like weddings, birthdays, bachelor parties, and bachelorette parties.  Give them a call at 303-747-6501 to book a bus or find out more information. 

Another great Denver option is Denver Party Ride, a transportation company that can hook you up with a party bus or a limo for your party transportation.  This is the company to call if you are not sure how to include a party bus in your plans; they offer a variety of tours such as the Red Rock Concert transportation, Denver 420 tours, and the ever popular bachelorette party package!  Contact them at 303-536-7879 for more information or to book a bus.  

New Jersey Party Bus Rentals

If you are located in the Garden State and are looking for a place to rent a party bus, choose Platinum Coach Transportation.  You can call their toll-free number at 1-800-797-7953 and get an immediate quote over the phone.  They have plenty of options available, so it will be easy for your group to pick the best one to accommodate your needs.

Likewise, All Inclusive Limo offers a 14-passenger Mercedes Sprinter party bus, as well as 26- and 38-passenger buses. As their name implies, their party bus packages are all-inclusive . You can contact them toll-free at (866) 707-5466 for an immediate quote based on the number of passengers and party bus style.

New York City Party Bus Rentals

To be perfectly honest with you, the only thing we do not like about party planning in New York City is having to try to get around New York City.  That is why hiring a party bus is a fabulous idea for a New York City party.  Not only does a hired driver make sure you get to your destination safely, but hiring a party bus means that even if your bus stops because of the NYC traffic, the party does not have to stop!  All State Private Car and Limousine Service is a full service livery company that offers high-end party bus options.  Capable of holding groups of 24 to 30 people, their party buses are equipped with TV, DVD, wet bars, and a sound system.  They even have some buses that can hold up to 57 passengers.  To find out more or to book a bus, contact them at 212-333-3333 or toll free at 800-453-4099.    

NYC Party Bus Rentals offers a wide variety of party transport.  You can stick with a traditional party bus, spread out in a Hummer Limo, or take a ride on their party trolley.  Servicing the New York City and New Jersey areas, this company can really help you customize your party transportation.  Check out their fleet at their website, then give them at call at 646-679-2610 to ask any questions or to book your party bus.

Houston Party Bus Rentals

If you are in Houston looking to rent a party bus, check out Colony Limo as they have a ton of inventory.  If you really want to get crazy, find out how much it would be to book a party bus from Houston to New Orleans, and party on Bourbon Street for your bachelor or bachelorette party. Call Colony Limo at 281-265-5466 or contact them through their Web site.

In addition, Houston Party Buses (713-952-2221) specializes in bachelor and bachelorette parties and has a fleet of party buses that seat 18, 20, 22, 24, 30 and 48 passengers so they’ll be sure to have the right vehicle for your party. This company’s party buses feature granite top bars, surround sound stereo, mind-blowing light shows, flat screen televisions and luxurious leather couch seating.  

San Diego Party Bus Rentals

This company claims to have originated the party bus concept (including a dance pole) in 1987 with a single converted used airport shuttle bus. Since that time, San Diego Limobuses (619-225-8466) has grown to become one of the leading party bus rental companies in San Diego today. Besides local Temecula wine tours, this company also offers trips to local world-class casinos such as Harrah’s, Pala and Pechango. They will also take you and your friends for a trip through the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve as well as other sites of interest.

Established in 2012 Starlite Transportation provides party bus rentals for the San Diego area including a 14-passenger Mercedes Sprinter. This party bus company is a member of the National Limousine Association, Chauffeur Training Certification Program, the San Diego Chamber Of Commerce and has an A+ BBB rating, You can request an immediate quote through their Web site or by calling 619-734-9485.

Detroit Party Bus Rentals

Party Bus Detroit has a large fleet of party buses, ranging from 14-passenger to the largest 40-passenger buses, with everything in between. Specializing in bachelor and bachelorette parties and featuring all-inclusive pricing, Party Bus Detroit offers wine tours, trips to professional sporting events and bar crawls specifically for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Party Bus Detroit can be reached at 248-630-5605 for more information and an immediate quote.

Another source in Detroit for your party bus needs is Detroit Party Coach. Also specializing in bachelor and bachelorette parties, Detroit Party Couch provides round-the-clock services and features licensed, friendly, professional chauffeurs and party buses with all the amenities you expect. In addition, Detroit Party Coach has a great reputation and has provided party bus services to major celebrities and sports stars. This company can be reached toll-free at 800-908-1405.

Boston Party Bus Rentals

Getting around Boston can actually be a bit of a challenge for the out-of-towner.  Even though Boston has some awesome public transportation options that you will not find in most other parts of the country, those are probably not going to be your best options for a big party night.  That is why we love the idea of a party bus rental for Boston.  You can keep your group together, have your designated driver, and not have to worry about Boston’s notoriously bad roads or lack of parking spaces!  Of course, you also get the other bonuses of a party bus, such as having a driver who is familiar with the area, no need to designate a driver from your party, and no need to stop the party as you travel between destinations!

The Bustonian is Boston’s first party bus company and has a well-earned reputation as one of the best providers of awesome party bus services for bachelor and bachelorette parties.  Their buses are the kind we refer to as funky.  Instead of modified sprinter buses, think refurbished school bus style.  This means themed exterior paint jobs and interiors that scream you are here for a party.  Of course, they also have more traditional looking limo-style buses, if that is your style.  What can you expect on a Bustonian party bus?   They all have internal light shows, amazing sound systems, room to dance, and you can get a dance pole.  This means that each bus is basically a traveling party venue.  In addition, the Bustonian has really cultivated some top-notch relationships with the city’s best bars and clubs.  This means that you can book a whole party with them and, by doing so, get some VIP treatment at some of the area’s hottest venues.  Want to find out more?  Give them a call at 866-GO-BUS-GO. 

Want something a little more unusual?  Look no further than The Original Party Trolley of Boston.  Their trolleys combine everything delightful about a classic trolley car with all of the amenities you expect from a party bus.  This is a great transportation option and one that really ensures you get some awesome pics for your party.  This option is great for people who want their own rolling private nightclub, but who also like to be seen.  The windows and unique design draw attention and let you interact with people, while still having that private feeling.  Interested in booking?  Call them at 617-251-9646 for more information.

Kansas City Party Bus Rentals

Looking to perfect your night moves?  Then KC Night Train Party Bus and Limousine Service might be the ultimate way to transport your bachelor or bachelorette party guests.  They offer a great range of bus types, so you are sure to find one that matches the mood and size of your party, whether that is a mini limo bus or a big mellow yellow party bus.  You can bring drinks, and, unlike some bus companies, you can still bring alcohol even if you have guests on the bus who will be under 21.  However, every guest must bring an ID and any guests who are under legal drinking age are prohibited from drinking on the bus.  Bring your music, drinks, and snacks, and they handle the rest.  The buses are big enough for dancing and have plenty of comfortable seating, transforming them from transportation to moving clubs.  To book you bus, call them at 816-550-7432.

KC Party Ride is a little different than the average party bus service.  Usually, when you find a party bus service it is a transportation service that has expanded into the party bus niche.  KC Party Ride is a party company that has expanded into the party bus niche.  What does this mean?  Generally, it means you can expect more.  Better lights, better sound, and more dance poles than you are going to find in a traditional party bus.  Plus, they ditch the limo look; their party buses are school bus style buses, which add a little bit more of a party feel to a wild event.  Want to find out more?  Call KC Party Ride at 816-572-2327. 

Los Angeles Party Bus Rentals

Everybody loves Los Angeles for a party.  There is no question that this vibrant city has something to please everyone.  Whether your idea of a party is hitting the hottest celebrity-filled clubs and restaurants, a day at the beach, a tour of old Hollywood, or even a trip to a nearby amusement park, LA can make it happen.  But, you know what sucks about LA?  The traffic.  I mean, even if you come from a city with crazy traffic, LA traffic takes it to a whole new level.  Compounding the problem is that there is virtually no real public transportation option in LA that gets you out of the traffic.  There are no subways or trains that get you off the streets, so, if the traffic is bad, it is something you are going to have to deal with for your party.  That is why we love, love, love the idea of a party bus for bachelor and bachelorette parties in LA.  In fact, while we think of party buses as a one-night splurge in plenty of destination locations, depending on your plans in the LA area, you might actually look into booking one more than once, so that you can focus on the party and let a professional driver deal with the craziness on the 101 and the 405.

Looking for a luxe party bus experience?  Look no further than Los Angeles Party Buses.  They bill themselves as the best party buses in the city, which is a pretty bold claim to make in a city the size of LA.  However, their customer reviews back up their claims; they seem to make their guests very happy.  In fact, they have two party buses, the Golden Eagle and the Silver Star, which are actually semi-famous in the area?  What has helped them build this type of reputation?  A commitment to excellence.  This transportation company has a reputation for excellent customer service.  That means that their vehicles are always going to be super-clean, the equipment all working well, everything stocked like it is supposed to be, and your drivers courteous and professional.  Think of it as a white glove service level party bus service.  This makes them the perfect service if you are used to the best.  To find out more about any of their individual buses or book their service, contact them at 213-784-7170.

There are two types of people who tend to travel to LA for bachelor and bachelorette parties; the ones who are a little in love with the idea of Hollywood and the ones who desperately want to avoid everything they think stands for Hollywood.  If you are in the former group, then Hollywood Party Bus might be your pick for party bus services in the LA area.   This party bus rental company lets you live like a movie star, transporting you in well-maintained, new vehicles, and providing 24/7 service so that you can literally take off on a whim and still get safe and reliable transportation to your destination.  Not sure where you want to go?  No problem; the drivers know all of the hottest spots in the LA area.  They have buses in a range of sizes for big and small parties, but you can expect the same awesome amenities in all of the buses, including lighting and sound systems, premium seating, and entertainment systems.  Book today at 888-531-5598.

Oklahoma City Party Bus Rentals

Oklahoma City might not be world-renowned as a party city, but locals are well aware that there is plenty to do in Oklahoma City, if you know where to look.  Unfortunately, some of that stuff is spread pretty far apart.  That is why a party bus is a fantastic idea for an Oklahoma City bachelor or bachelorette party, where drinking is probably on the list of activities for the night and no one wants to worry about being the designated driver.  Fortunately, Oklahoma City has you covered, with plenty of great party bus companies to let you get around the city in safety and style.

Black Diamond Luxury Limo and Party Bus Rentals is one of the area’s favorites.  That may be due to the flashy party buses they have.  Think red and black leather interiors, seating for up to 40, dance poles, sound systems, and light shows, along with dance poles and traveling bars.  It is like a nightclub on wheels, which lets you continue the party while traveling between destinations.  No destination in mind?  No problem; you can simply tour the city in your bus, making up your itinerary as you go along. They offer buses in a variety of sizes with a variety of décor schemes, which can really help you get a personalized party bus experience.  Find out if they have something to match your group by giving them a call at 405-550-4062.

As much as we would like to pretend like budget is never a consideration when planning our parties, that simply is not true.  Money matters, and getting a great deal on a party bus helps you live large while still saving some money.  Party Bus Oklahoma City is known for providing some of the city’s best party buses, but also providing great prices, including offering frequent bargains.  You do not have to give up anything to get their great deals; you can still expect courteous, knowledgeable drivers in well-maintained buses with all of the luxury and fun appointments you expect to get in a party bus like lightshows, sound systems, and bars.  To find out if they will have any specials when you are in town, give them a call at 405-493-6563. 

Washington, DC Party Bus Rentals

Want to make your DC party something really amazing?  Hire a party bus with Party Bus Washington.  Their premium party buses offer club-style lighting, DVD entertainment systems, and surround sound systems that you can use with your iPod or smartphone.  They also offer build-in bars, plenty of drink holders, and comfy wraparound leather seating.  Everyone of their buses is driven by a professional chauffeur who offers high-level customer service and know the DC area very well, so they can get you where you want to go in style.  Contact Party Bus Washington to find out more or book a bus at 202-600-2606.

Looking for a budget party bus company in Washington DC?  Consider Uptown Bus, one of the DC area’s least expensive party bus options.  They have great weekday specials, as well as everyday discounts for military and law enforcement.  They also offer transparent pricing so that you know exactly what you will pay.  This can help you manage party costs.  Give them a call for more information or book today at 202-759-0120.    

Miami Party Bus Rentals

Despite their name Miami Limo features 20-, 24-, 30-, 34- and 40-passenger party buses complete with neon and LED lights, state-of-the-art sound systems, tinted windows, full-size bar with ice bins, champagne flutes and glasses, a flat screen television, and an iPod connector. Miami Limo encourages early reservations and does not require a deposit. You can reach Miami Limo toll-free at 888-595-4662 or you can make reservations online.

Providing services to Miami and Fort Lauderdale, I Love Miami Limos offers 24- and 40- and even 50-passenger party buses  All of I Love Miami Limo’s party buses come complete with all of the lights, sounds and creature comforts you and your friends expect and the firm specializes in bachelor and bachelorette parties so they know what you want. You can contact I Love Miami Limos at 305-697-5942 or through their Web site.

Need more suggestions?  Check out our Miami party bus rentals guide!

Dallas / Fort Worth Party Bus Rentals

Dallas Limo offers 18-, 21-, 22-, and 29-passenger party buses, and its rates are among the lowest in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area at just $90 per hour (4-hour minimum) Sundays through Friday and $100 per hour (4-hour minimum) on Saturdays and it specializes in bachelor and bachelorette parties. All party buses from Dallas Limo feature plush leather wrap around seating, light displays, a flat screen television and dance pole. In addition, the party buses come complete with cup holders, soft drinks, water, ice and coolers as well as iPhone/iPod connectivity. For reservations or more information, call 214-646-4287 or contact them by email through their Web site.

Another great party bus company serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area is Executive Transportation offering 28- and 40-passenger buses that come complete with experience, professional drivers, a full- service bar and a surround sound speaker system. You can make reservations for your party bus from Executive Transportation by calling 469-777-0065 or through their Web site’s reservation page.

Oklahoma City Party Bus Rentals

Home of the NBA’s “Thunder,” there are several party bus companies in Oklahoma City, including Royal Limos OKC,  which offers a spectacular 40-passenger party bus that features two dance poles and four high-definition televisions, an awesome sound system, disco lights, and a complete bar as well as other amenities. This company is also veteran owned and operated and enjoys a solid reputation for providing the best bachelor and bachelorette parties in the city. For more information or reservations, you can contact Royal Limos OKC at 405-973-4331 or through their Web site.

As its name implies, OKC Party Bus specializes in helping people have a good time, and its fleet of 28-32 passenger brightly colored and tricked-out party buses including “The Green Goblin” (with color-changing acrylics throughout), “The Cherry Bomb,” “The Blue Magic” and “The Hot Rod” will make any bachelor or bachelorette party a special occasion to be remembered. You can check out a virtual tour of the interiors of these vehicles – and be sure to turn your sound up! Contact OKC Party Bus by calling 405-447-2446 or through their Web site.

San Antonio Party Bus Rentals

A-List Party Bus has 16-, 22- and 40-passenger party buses available that will take you and your friends on a wine tour of Fredericksburg or to see the Tower of Americas, the River walk, The Alamo, and Spurs games at the Alamodome as well as all the best clubs so you can enjoy the city’s nightlife. These party buses come complete with all of the popular amenities, including a dance pole, flat screen television, night club lights, a state-of-the-art sound system and built-in coolers. For quotes or reservations, call (210) 765-0697 for reservations or (210) 740-5294 for current specials.

Likewise, Lone Star Party Buses specializes in bachelor and bachelorette parties and has a fleet of 30- and 50-passenger party buses that will provide you and your friends with surround-sound stereo, built-in trash bins, limo-style inward facing seating, multiple party lights, and dance poles. Lone Star Party Buses is also veteran owned and operated. Contact Lone Star Party Buses at 512-665-6166 or through their Web site for more information or reservations.

This list of party bus rentals options from around the country is certainly not exhaustive, but it should give you a good idea about what options are available. There are some other things you should also take into account when planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, including what to bring to eat, drink, listen to and watch as discussed below.

New Orleans Party Bus Rentals

Looking for a party bus in New Orleans?  We like AM Party Bus.  This party bus service, which operates in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, is a great way to get you and your drunk friends safely around the New Orleans area.  Why is this necessary?  Well, you may think that you will never leave the French Quarter and can just walk everywhere, but some of the city’s best gentleman’s clubs and most delicious restaurants are located outside of that famed party district.  Secure a party bus and you do not have to stop partying, designate a driver, or rely on the luck of the draw with a cab service to get you to your destination.  Instead, you can take the party with you.  They have buses of various sizes.  The smaller Speakeasy buses come equipped with three bars, the Big Easy party bus has its own dancer’s pole, and the namesake AM Party Bus is fitted out like a club on wheels, with everything you need to create a traveling party.  Call them at 504-252-0087 for a quote, to find out current specials, or to make your reservations.

Party Buses New Orleans is another great option for large group transportation in New Orleans and the surrounding area.  A bit more versatile than some of its competition, this is a great business to consider if you want a party bus or if you are simply looking to transport large groups between locations.  This might be our pick if you are traveling to or from nearby locations, like if your group is going to hit a game at LSU or is traveling into New Orleans for the night.  Whether your large group is on the small side with 8 to 10 people, or you need to move 40 to 50 people, they have a bus that can fit your needs.  They even have a pink-lit bus that is exceptionally popular with bachelorette parties.  Contact them at 985-205-8985 for quotes, to make reservations, or to ask about bachelor and bachelorette party specials.   

Seattle Party Bus Rentals

You may not think of upscale and party bus in the same sentence, but you will if you hire a party bus from Washington Coach International.  This company has a well-earned reputation for providing immaculate transportation, courteous and safe drivers, and great customer service.  While they offer some amazing well-appointed and comfortable buses designed just to move large groups around, their limo buses offer the traditional party bus amenities, but with an upscale twist.  However, do not let their luxe vehicles make you think their services are only for the well-heeled or the boring; their party buses have everything you need to start the action as soon as you step on the bus.  For more information, to make reservations, or to get a quote, contact them at 877-414-2121.

Seattle Party Bus Rentals advertises their business with the tagline “start your party on the way to the party,” and that is exactly what they deliver for their customers.  This is a premiere party bus service that knows how to combine safe and sober transportation for you with a seamless party atmosphere inside the bus.  You will feel like you are in a rolling nightclub, while you travel between popular Seattle destinations.  You can also customize your own Woodinville Winery Tour or Seattle Microbrewery tour, relying on the transportation professionals at Seattle Party Bus Rentals to get you to your destinations safe, sound, and with a smile on your face.  Another reason this party bus company is popular with locals and tourists alike is that the drivers are knowledgeable.  Not sure where you want to go?  Ask the drivers for their recommendations and you are sure to end up at some of Seattle’s most happening hot spots. Contact them at 206-910-8858 to get a quote for your group, make reservations, or get any additional information. 

Savannah Party Bus Rentals

Looking to travel in style?  Look no farther than Image is Everything, Savannah’s own party bus company.  Offering a variety of different bus sizes, depending on the size of your group, Image is Everything is known for its exemplary customer service.  Not sure how to incorporate a party bus into your plans?  They can help you schedule your event, whether you are wanting to arrange transportation between bars, heading to a nearby location to check out a male revue, or just want to have a consistent, safe, sober driver and luxurious accommodations for your trip.  Whether you are a little bit mild or a little bit wild, they have a bus that will meet your party needs.  Do not forget to ask about their dancer polls.  They are also great about helping plan surprises, so if you want to surprise the group with a party bus rental, you can arrange the surprise with them.  Call them at 912-272-8734 for scheduling or to get some more information. 

Savannah’s party buses by Luxury Savannah can help you find the luxe party bus experience you want for your party. They work with bachelor and bachelorette parties all of the time.  One of their specialties is providing a party bus for transportation from the airport; it is a great way to help your guests transition immediately into a party mood.  Of course, they also handle the traditional party bus, whether you are looking for a pub crawl type experience, or visiting some of Savannah’s must-see locations like Tybee Island or River Street.  You can pop the champagne and relax in comfort or crank up the music and get a little rowdy.  Whatever you choose, your driver will make sure you get to your destination in safety and style.   For more information, contact them at 912-

Austin Party Bus Rentals

Want to see Texas’s most infamous party city in style?  Consider booking a party bus through Limos of Austin.  This transportation company has a number of different party bus options, so that it can meet your personal party expectations.  All of their party buses offer limo-style seating, state of the art stereo systems with iPod connections so you can customize your party play list, party lights, beverage wells, and the ice-cold AC you may need to help with Austin’s hot summers.  Their smaller party bus is big enough for a crowd of up to 16 people.  Their larger party bus can fit up to 22 people and also includes a stripper pole, which can increase your entertainment options.  The party bus can be available to take you from destination-to-destination or your experience can be customized for a tour of Austin or the nearby Hill Country.  In fact, Limos of Austin is known for its Hill County winery tours, which can be a stand-alone activity or combined with a party bus experience. Call for more information or to book your party bus at 512-345-5466. 

Lonestar Party Buses is another great option for party buses in Austin.  Offering larger, more traditional buses than many of its competitors which can accommodate from 30 to 50 passengers, this company is known for letting the party roll in Austin, San Marcos, New Braunfels, San Antonio, and other popular Hill Country destinations.  With plenty of comfortable seating, these party buses are a great option for tailgaters, but still have the space to dance if you are planning bachelor or bachelorette party transport.  Another thing that many guests adore is that the company is owned by a veteran and strives for total transparency with its customers.  Want to know the exact pricing of your planned trip?  Call them up at 512-665-6166 with the date of the event, number of people, pick up and drop off times, and pick up and drop off locations. 

Nashville Party Bus Rentals

Looking for a luxurious, safe, reliable, and fun way to see Music City, U.S.A.?  We suggest a party bus.  Party buses are a great way to make sure that there is sober, reliable transportation for a night out, while never having to stop the party.  Nashville Executive Charter is known for providing upscale transportation options for Nash Vegas and can hook you up, whether you need a fun ride from the airport or a bus to take you to all of the city’s famous hotspots.  Whether you have a large party or a small party, they can fix you up with awesome transportation.  Smaller parties love their luxury limo service. Each of their classic stretch-style limos is equipped with mood lighting, a television screen, CD/DVD player, glassware, fountain drinks, and ice so you can BYOB and have a party on wheels.  Bigger group?  No problem, they have passenger buses big enough for groups as large as 30, and you can get mild or wild on that bus- just let them know whether or not to have the dance pole in place for your crew!  Of course, they are a great go-to for simpler transportation options as well, handling everything from hotel runs to moving large groups of people from place to place.  You can contact them at 888-311-9530 to book or to find out more information. 

Looking for plenty of variety in your Nashville party bus selection?  Then you might want to consider Nashville LX Limo.  This company has over 20 party buses so that you can pick the one that is absolutely perfect for your group!  They also offer a variety of sizes, so that you can customize your options.  One of the things customers really like about this company is that, because of the size of their fleet, they are often able to accommodate even last-minute requests for a party bus.  That can make them a great option for you to keep in mind if you need to make a last-minute change of plans and want to incorporate a party bus into those plans.  They have dispatchers available 24 hours a day and you can reach them at 615-970-6365.    

Portland Party Bus Rentals

You probably do not think of parties when you think of school buses, but if you book a party bus through Shanghai Portland, that is exactly what you get: a party bus with personality. We have a solid gold party bus that seats 34 to 40 passengers, is set up for karaoke, and has long limo-type seating along the inside of a converted school bus.  The karaoke limo bus is red and black with longer, also featuring limo seats. The original Shanghai Party bus also offers seating for up to 40 people.  The buses have premium sound systems, LED and disco lights, plenty of space, and no restrictions on food, drinks, or alcohol.    In addition to traditional party buses, we also offer tours.  Check out the Willamette Valley and Hood River area tour.  Other tours include a brewery tour and a night life tour.  You can contact them at 971-533-7848 for more information or to book a party bus through them. 

Is transparent pricing important for your party planning?  Consider hiring Portland Party Bus for your party transportation.  They are the only Portland-area limo company that offers all-inclusive pricing, which means that there are no extra charges for extra fuel, or prime-time usage.  In addition, the hourly rates include gratuities.  They have a bunch of different vehicles in their fleet, which includes party buses and limo buses.  The party bus has a TV, DVD player, neon and LED light shows, laser light shows, built-in champagne and wine coolers, 2000-watt sound system, CD player, iPod hookup, karaoke machine with over 300 songs, red and black leather seats, four-foot bar, ice chest (we supply ice), and hardwood floors. Our buses also have plenty of headroom with 6’8” of space to accommodate even super-tall guests!  Contact them at 503-780-6973 to book a bus or find out more information.   

Montreal Party Bus Rentals

Whenever you want to book a party bus in Montreal, consider using  This service is a little different than a traditional bus chartering service because it serves as a type of clearing house service for a number of party bus booking companies.  This has some advantages for you as a consumer.   You find a large selection, the companies offer competitive pricing because they do have to compete with each other, and they offer 24/7 coverage every day of the year.  You can get quotes through the website or you can contact the bus companies directly.  The downside is that, since it is a clearinghouse, you will have to contact the bus companies directly to find out more information about their party buses.  Fortunately, each of the companies on their site has been approved by the company.  Visit their website for more information about the different party buses available in Montreal.

Montreal Party Bus is a direct-provider for bus and limo transportation.  Well-known for their great customer service reputation, they can provide party bus transport for a wide variety of different events, including birthday parties, bachelor parties, and bachelorette parties.  They have a variety of different party buses.  These buses feature a dance floor, a stripper/dance pole, plush leather seats, wood floors, deluxe sound systems, wraparound seating, bar areas, and luxurious interior appointments.  You can drink on the bus, while relying on the drivers to get you safely to your location, letting you keep the party going while still being responsible.  You can find information about the vehicles in their fleet on their website, including plenty of information about their pricing and their policies.  They also offer full limo service for a variety of occasions.  You can contact them at 555-555-5555 to schedule a party bus or for more information.   

Tampa Party Bus Rentals    

You may think that Florida’s party towns are found along the Atlantic Coast near the Miami area, but Tampa is actually a huge party town.  What better way to travel around a party town than on a party bus?  Party Bus Tampa can hook you up with the party transportation you want, no matter what size party you are throwing. They have party buses for smaller parties, starting at 15 passengers and buses that can hold up to 42 people.  You can check out their fleet at their website to see what kind of amenities you can find on each of the buses, but they are all extremely well appointed.  Expect luxury leather seating, hardwood flooring, tinted privacy windows, ice-filled bar areas, neon lighting, MP3 compatible stereo systems, and chrome dance poles.  The bigger the bus, the more amenities you can expect.  Some options include laser lights, stripper poles, flat-screen TVs, laser lights, granite-topped bar areas, video game systems, cup holders, and video systems.  To find out more information or to book a bus, contact them at 813-344-3053.

Want an elite party bus experience?  Then consider Elite Party Bus & Car, a full service livery company serving the Tampa area.   They provide party buses for a wide variety of parties and occasions, as well as providing custom tours for your group.  In addition to providing you with party buses, you can also rely on them for transportation to and from the airport or regular transportation around the Tampa area.  You can customize your ultimate party bus trip, whether it is a pub crawl or transportation to different destinations.  Whether you are scheduling a party bus in advance, or need a party-van or other type of transportation with short notice, you can contact them at 913-957-8893 to book a ride or get more information.      

Ideas for Party Bus

Food, Drink, Sounds, Decorations and Video

Finally, it’s not a party without plenty of good food and beverages, so make sure you plan an appropriate menu for the number of guests, taking into account you’re going to be moving so make sure you choose non-messy finger foods and snacks. If your bachelor or bachelorette party will take place during a meal time, plan on bringing at least eight of every item and five of each item for non-mealtimes for each guest.

Unless the party bus operator offers an open bar, plan on bringing enough booze, beer and other beverages so that everyone can have a couple of drinks during the first hour and another drink (or two) each hour thereafter. Be sure to bring plenty of choices (you might want to ask everyone what they prefer in advance).

In addition, your party bus will likely have a great sound system so take advantage of it by bringing your own favorite tunes (make a mixed DVD beforehand). You and your friends can also decorate your party bus for a bachelor or bachelorette party them if you want (use decorations that are easily removable), and party buses with televisions can play a video of the groom’s single days as a final celebration and lamentation of their passing.


We hope that after reading this article you know the true definition of a party bus and the amenities they offer, how the rental prices are calculated, and more specifically how to book one for your bachelor or bachelorette party. Given the luxurious accouterments provided by most party bus companies, this is a great option for getting a large group of people together for a night on the town, concert, or even local pub crawl.  This tends to be a much cheaper and safer option than traveling abroad for your final days of freedom. If possible, try to schedule your bachelor or bachelorette party later than 5 p.m. on weekdays and avoid Saturdays. Generally, Mondays through Thursdays are the best days to schedule party bus adventures. In addition, make every effort to plan ahead as far as possible to make sure you can get your preferred party bus and take advantage of any discounts that might be available. Finally, make sure the groom or bride has a good time, take plenty of pictures (create a digital photo album that can be shared with all attendees), and tip the party bus driver generously (15-20%) if he or she provided exceptional service. Have fun and par-tay!


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