If you are looking for an amazing beach and nightlife for your bachelor party, Miami Beach should be at the top of your list.  This iconic beach town is known for it’s amazing topless beaches and party all hours nightlife.  Miami Beach also known as South Beach is guaranteed to bring the heat.


How To Get There


When flying in for your final weekend of craziness with the guys, make sure you choose the correct airport so you spend less time traveling and more time partying.  The most convenient of airports would be Miami International Airport (airport code: MIA).  From this location you are about 25-30 minutes to South Beach.

If you are trying to save some money you should check flights to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.  Flights tend to be less when flying into that location but remember you are about 45+ minutes to Miami Beach.  This means you should take into account the cost of transportation (about $45 Lyft ride for 3-4 people)


What To Do / Where To Go

Daytime Activities for a Miami Bachelor Party:

Don’t party too hard at night or you may miss out on all the fun activities that happen while the sun is out.

If you are into day drinking, pool parties, champagne, and hot chicks in bikinis, you should definitely check out the Saturday Pool Party at Hyde Beach which is located at the SLS (which includes spraying of champagne on guests in the pool), Nikki Beach or 1 Hotel and Homes rooftop, which is a great pool scene, but also not as intense as other parties.

If you would rather just eat and drink, you can head over the the Nemo brunch at Prime Fish, which for $49.00 you get unlimited mimosas, and high quality buffet style food.  Some of our favorite dishes at this brunch is the nutella french toast, or the kobe meatballs.

Nightlife Options for a Bachelor Party in Miami Beach:

E11even Miami

E11even Miami

E11Even Miami –  The newest and most interesting of the nightlife options in Miami.  This venue features a rooftop restaurant, nightclub, sports bar, and adult cabaret (strippers) all in one spot.  The party usually gets started around 4-5am when all the other clubs are closing down, and goes till the sun rises.  It is located directly across from Club Space, and is in downtown Miami, not on the beach.  You can easily get there from the beach for a $20.00 cab ride or less via Uber.  The best part about this place is it’s open 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, including holidays, which means it never closes!

Ora Nightclub – Located at 2000 Collins Ave (at Boulan South Beach), occupying the former space which was Adore, is this new 2-story club which opened in November 2016, and is a great spot for bottle service with your boys.  With a capacity of 600 people and 10,000 square feet of partying room, you are bound to find groups of females that will help you celebrate your final days of freedom.

LIV nightclub is located in the FontaineBleau Resort and is definitely the hottest night club on the beach. At 18,000 square feet and two levels, this needs to be added to your “to do” list even if the line to get in becomes frustrating. Beautiful women with tons of confetti and laser lights.  Read our review on LIV.

Story – The sister club to LIV Miami located south of 5th Ave. This 27,000 square feet on two levels is the newest launch from the MMG group. This is the old location of the once popular and famous Opium Gardens. They basically gutted the entire spot, added a roof and insane sound system, and opened.

Rockwell –  Another new edition to the Miami Beach nightlife.  Occupying the former location of Les Bains and Chaos, this intimate spot located on 7th and Washington is going more for the nightlife experience than the DJ lineup.  This venue holds about 450 people and is being operated by partners Chris Paciello, Keith Paciello, and Mio Danilovic.

Club Space – This club is considered the after hour party. The club just starts getting going around 3-4am and runs till noon the following day. The clubs= consists of a 3 room warehouse, 25000 square feet located in downtown Miami near American Airlines Arena.  Make sure you bring your sunglasses if you decide to venture up to the terrace deck.

Massage Parlors and Strip Clubs in Miami Beach, Florida:


Scarletts – Some classify this place as a strip club while others classify it as a club with naked women walking around.  Either way, you will have the best time at this place.  Although the rules are much stricter here than at Tootsies, you will find much hotter women at Scarletts.  This place structured itself in a way that you really feel like your at a club with the luxury of getting lap dances from smoking hot chicks.

Tootsies – this strip club used to be the site of a BJs warehouse (no pun intended) so you can imagine the size of it.  It consists of a sports bar in the back a gentlemans club in the front, and VIP area/rooms on the second level.  Expect to see about 30-50 girls there per night.

Jade Massage – if you are just looking for a great Asian massage make sure you check out this parlor located on 71st street.  The price of a standard massage runs about $60.00.  The reviews on this place are decent.


Where To Eat

Best Places for a Bachelor Party to Eat in Miami Beach, Florida:

Prime Italian, Prime112, Prime Fish – This group of fine dining establishments are operated by famed restaurateur Myles Chefetz. All three restaurants are based around a different type of food like Italian, Steak, or Fish. This is a celebrity hot spot so make sure you camera phone is charged and ready to go. Very pricey but also very good.

Check out my review on Prime Italian, Miami Beach Florida.

Food you must try here:

  • Garlic Bread and Kobe Beef or Turkey Meatball – Prime Italian
  • Steak and Lobster Mac/Cheese – Prime112
  • Swordfish Schnitzel w/ Fried Farm Egg, Broccolini & Crispy Capers – Prime Fish

Nobu – Located at the Shore club on Collins Ave (soon to be relocated to the famed Eden Roc hotel or Nobu hotel), this restaurant created by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa is one for the taste buds. Even though the hotel seems to be a ghost town these days and in desperate need of a renovation, you will still find a solid crowd and experience at this spot.

Nobu Sashimi Tuna Tacos at Nobu

Sashimi Tuna Tacos at Nobu

Food you must try here:

  • Sashimi Tuna Tacos
  • Lobster Salad
  • Kobe Beef Potstickers – call ahead to reserve a few orders

Note: 6/11/2015 Nobu will be moving from the Shore Club  in August 2015 to a much newer, larger, location at the new Nobu Hotel (formerly known as the Edon Roc) which can be found at 4525 Collins Ave (45th street).  Once Nobu closes its location at Shore club, the Morgans hotel property will go through a multi-million dollar renovation to all rooms and guest areas.  They will also start selling condos on the property as well.


Scarpetta – If you are looking for small plates priced like family style ones, this is the place you want to go. Located in the famed FontaineBleau hotel, this restaurant is a great stop along your culinary path.  The food is excellent but remember to order extra. This fits into the Miami diet perfectly which is small plates, and much better than the usual coke and salad diet.

Food you must try here:

  • Short Rib Agnolotti Dal Plin
  • Butternut Squash Mezzaluna
  • Filet of Beef
  • Roasted Mushrooms
  • Brussel Sprouts

Hakassan which is located at the FontaineBleau hotel is a great spot for Asian foodies. This is basically your local takeout Chinese restaurant on crack at mortgage prices. Always a good scene here and the food is always delicious.

Food you must try here:

  • Pan-fired Foie Gras Shanghai Dumplings
  • Jasmine Tea Smoked Beef Shortribs
  • Stir-fried Bahamian Lobster With X.0. Sauce
  • Crispy Chicken With Orange Sauce
  • Crispy Szechuan Beef
  • Spicy Seafood Fried Rice

Komodo Miami which is off the beach is also a solid option for dining.  Just know that you are looking at a 20-minute lyft ride to downtown each way.  If you have ever been to China Grille, it’s the brains behind that concept and Miami Marketing Group which owns Liv and Story.

Grutman Pastrami Egg Rolls at Komodo

Grutman Pastrami Egg Rolls at Komodo

Food you must try here:

  • Wagyu Skirt Steak Tacos
  • Miso Chilean Seabass Skewers
  • Grutman Pastrami Egg Roll – named after the egotistical owner of the restaurant
  • Spicy Beef Dumplings
  • Chilean Seabass
  • Peking Duck



Where To Stay

Bachelor Party Friendly Resorts in Miami Beach:

Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Fontainebleau Miami Beach

FontaineBleau – This mega resort will not disappoint, especially after its 1 Billion + dollar renovation.  Whether you want a cabana at one of their three pools, or a good meal at their 5+ restaurants, you can basically do it all without leaving the hotel grounds.

Delano – You will not find a nicer pool or beach grounds in Miami Beach.  This is a favorited spot by celebrities and although a bit more pricier than other hotels, worth the extra bucks.

W Hotel – Like all the rest of Starwood Properties this resort is very nice, well kept, and not too old, so your getting the modern decor.  The pool scene is decent and the restaurants are good.

If your bachelor party group heading to Miami Beach does not have tons of cash to burn, there are more budget hotel and motel options available, so you can save your money from the alcohol, drugs, and women.  Some of these hotels are Hotel Astor, Hotel Chelsea, Clinton Hotel, and the Dorchester.

Baller Style Houses to Rent in Miami Beach:

If you have a large group this 8-bedroom estate that sleeps 16 people is the way to go.  This villa is located close to everything and has everything you could possibly need for your late night naked pool party (remember you need chicks for the party).


When To Go

Regardless of when you decide to head to Florida with the boys, protect your investment and purchase travel insurance.

Best time for a Bachelor Party to Travel to Miami Beach (no budget restrictions):

November – April is considered in season, so prices will be higher and places will be more crowded.  If you are looking to get the bachelor involved with Spring Breakers, the first three weeks of March are ideal.  There are plenty of good events during the year which drive up tourism, such as Winter Music Conference, Ultra Music Festival, Art Basel, Food & Wine Festival, Spring Break and more.

Best time to travel to Miami Beach (budget restrictions):

June – October – Low season which means lower prices, less people, but much more heat and humidity (especially August).

Current Weather:



What To Bring

Items to Pack for the Big Weekend:

The reason why it’s called Miami Beach is because it’s basically it’s own island off the coast of Miami.  The essentials for this type of location are bathing suits, sunscreen, flip flops, sneakers, tank tops, for the day.  Once the sun goes down you want to switch to dress pants, button downs, and black shoes, a rolex (chicks dig money) especially if you want to get into the clubs.



What Else

Average Cost for Escorts in Miami Beach, Florida:

You will definitely run into working girls at all the top nightclubs in Miami. The cost to bring one home can range from $500 – $1000 for a few hours.  The later you stay out the cheaper these women become, so a hot escort charging $1000 at 10pm will be charging $500 by 4am (but her gas tank maybe on empty).

Extracurricular Activities in Miami Beach (prostitution and drugs):

Green – Illegal (even medical)  – $50 an eighth of kind bud

White – Illegal – $60 for a gram of uncut fire (been told most weigh out to .08 with the bag)

Prostitution: Illegal, but there are plenty of options available.

You can find almost anything you need at the nightclubs, women, trees, and snow.

If your friends end up getting arrested at your bachelor party, you may want to check these local Miami prisons so you can bail them out.

Other Prices to Factor in:

Bottles at all the top Miami Beach nightclubs run from $375-$500. The big spots like Liv, Story, and Icon usually require one bottle per 1-2 guys in order to secure a good table at the club. Yes, that is definitely excessive and pricey, but what do you expect from Miami.  Your VIP host will make sure your table is not only stocked with the best alcohol but the most beautiful women as well.

Travel Discounts:

Booking a house or condo for your bachelor party in Miami Beach?  Get a $40 travel credit with Airbnb.com.  This offer only applies to new members of Airbnb.com, not existing ones.

Need a ride from the clubs on Collins Ave, Washington Street, or Ocean Avenue, get your first ride valued up to $20 for FREE with Uber

Big Events in Miami Beach:

Columbus Day Regatta @ Elliot Key is held each year on Columbus Weekend.  Largest congregation of boats all tied up together.  A lot of drinking, dancing, partying, funneling, and nakedness (male and female).  Checkout the pics from Regatta 2014 and see all the hot chicks and craziness.

Ultra Music Festival in Miami

Ultra Music Festival in Miami

Ultra Music Festival – March 24-26 2017.  One of the largest electronic dance festivals which takes place at Bayfront park.  Here you can listen to the hottest DJ’s and party with thousands of tourists who flood the city this weekend.  Don’t forget your neon colors.


If you are planning on booking your bachelor party in Miami Beach, make sure you send us an email with all the details.  We work with the top nightlife venues, hotels, and promoters.  We will be able to get you hookups which would normally not be available.

Remember that Miami restaurants and clubs add an 18% service charge to all your bills.  This is normally not a problem if you are paying with credit card as the service charge would be itemized.  However, if you are paying cash, and do not ask for a receipt, you could end up double tipping as your drink price at the bar already includes this charge.


If after reading this article you still have questions about planning your amazing weekend with the boys in Miami Beach, post your questions to our forum, so other bachelors or staff can respond.  If you have already gone to Miami and have some amazing advise, reviews, an itinerary, or recommendations for others, post as well.

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Planning and Packages:

If you and your friends are too lazy to plan your own bachelor party, there are several companies that can put together amazing Miami packages for you and your crew.  This means you get one price per person which includes flight, hotel, dinners, clubs, and any other activities you decide on.  They can give you a list of ideas to select from and can even provide you with an itinerary of your entire weekend, making this experience completely hands-off.  One company that has been around for a while and has positive feedback is VIP South Beach.


Why Go


Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Final Review:

If you are looking for hot chicks and to spend a lot of money, Miami Beach is the place for your bachelor party.  If you are not interested in meeting a bunch of trust fund babies who spend all their parents money rather than work, Miami Beach is not the place for you.  Everyone in this town has a story and/or a checkered past, usually an aspiring model who is working at TGI Fridays until they get their big break.

Also check out a recent article that Thrillist released on bachelor parties in Miami.