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To game or not to game?  That is the question.  At least that is the question if you are organizing a bachelorette party and trying to figure out activities for your group of friends.  We love bachelorette party games.  Games are a great way to help shy party-goers come out of their shells and to get guests who may not know each other well interacting quickly.   While we love games, we realize that not everyone does.  In fact, for some activity-centered bachelorette parties, games are not an option. 

However, if you are planning a bachelorette party at a home or a longer, destination bachelorette party, then it is a good idea to have some games for bachelorette parties planned.  We have compiled a list of our favorite, fun bachelorette party games.  These bachelorette party games are free or inexpensive, making them a great way to add to the party.  Most of them can be played in any semi-private venue, though some are bachelorette party bar games that require the presence of people who are not in your party! 

This list of bachelorette party game ideas runs the gamut from the clean to the really raunchy; in fact, most of the games can be tailored to suit the tastes of your crowd.  We have found that, if your bachelorette party guests are good friends and all around the same age, even games that seem too raunchy can be a lot of fun to play as a group.  That said, you have to keep in mind that the best bachelorette party games are the ones where the bride is having a great time.  If the bride-to-be isn’t having fun, then the game isn’t appropriate.  Good natured teasing or a little low-key embarrassment is one-thing; shaming or humiliating the bride is obviously a no-go!  

Bachelorette Party Drinking Games

For many people, it isn’t a bachelorette party if you aren’t getting your drink on. That is why drinking games remain a staple for bachelorette and bachelor parties. If you are planning drinking games, you might want to pick one or two favorites; you want the drinking to be part of the party, not the whole party.  Here are four drinking games that are either free or ridiculously cheap to set up: Kings Cup, Beer Pong, Flip Cup, and the ever popular Never Have I Ever.

Kings Cup- This game is like a hybrid of Never Have I Ever, the Truth part of Truth or Dare, and a traditional drinking game. To play it, you need a deck of cards, a cup, and a beer (or other alcoholic beverage). You place the cup full of alcohol in the center of the table and surround it with cards. Players then take cards. Each card has a rule associated with it. Aces mean everyone has to chug. Two means that the person who drew the card gets to pick someone to drink, while three means that the person who drew the card has to drink. Four means the ladies drink. Five means the person who picked the card has to pick a dance move, which each subsequent person has to copy and then add to. The person who messes up has to drink. Traditionally, six means that guys drink, but you could customize this for a bachelorette party. Seven you reach for the sky and the last person to do it has to drink. Eight means you pick a “mate” who must drink when you drink and vice versa. Nine is similar to five, except that the first person picks a word and then each subsequent person picks a rhyming word until you run out of words. With a ten, the picker chooses a category and everyone names something in the category; the first person unable to name something must drink. Jacks turns into the game “Never Have I Ever” and the first person who is out has to drink. If you pick the Queen, you get to ask another player a question. If you pick the King, you get to make a rule that all of the other players must follow until another King is picked. The first person to fail to follow the rule has to drink.

Beer Pong– We figure everyone knows what Beer Pong is, but many of us haven’t ever set up the game ourselves.  You need cups, a ping pong ball, and alcohol.  You can get those cute little solo cup shot glasses they make especially for beer pong, or you can use any disposable cup.  You set up cups with alcohol in them, usually in a pyramid formation but you can choose any design, and split into two teams.  Each team tries to land a ping pong ball in the other team’s cup.  If you land the ball in the cup, then the other team has to drink.  There are a ton of variations on this game and you can come up with your own house rules.  There isn’t really a wrong way to play Beer Pong, but you want to make sure everyone is starting with the same rules.  A bachelorette party variation on this game is to decorate the cups with pictures of the bride’s exes and fill each of the cups with a different type of drink, based on the collective vision of the ex.   Keep in mind that if you are playing with anything more potent than beer, it is going to impact you all a lot faster. 

Flip Cup– This is another team drinking game that requires disposable cups and alcohol. Each team member gets a cup with a specified amount of alcohol in it. At their turn, a player from each turn drinks, then sets the cup on the edge of the table and attempts to flip it, so that it lands face-down on the table. Only after the cup is flipped can that team move on to the next player. The first team to successfully flip all of the cups, wins. This is a simple game, that, while it’s a drinking game really only requires each player to consume one drink. It can be a good ice-breaker game.

Never Have I Ever– Each person holds up a designated number of fingers. The person who is “it” says “Never have I ever ______” and then fills in the blank with something. If you have done it, you lower one finger. The first person out of fingers has to drink. There are a number of variations on this game. In one variation, if you have done it you have to drink. In another variation, if you have done it, you have to drink. When played as a stand-alone drinking game, this game can get people very intoxicated, very quickly, especially when played by a group of players who know each other very well. It also has the potential to get very embarrassing. For a bachelorette party, we suggest not drinking after every player, and, if you play it, doing so before everyone is super-intoxicated and the filters are gone. To make the party more interesting, if only one person has done something, then they have to tell the story of what happened.  We love Never Have I Ever for a lot of reasons; you find out some interesting things about your friends, it helps you break the ice, and it usually good for a lot of laughs.  However, if anyone at the party is, well, not a very nice person, be forewarned that it is very easy for the game to go from friendly and funny to very vicious.  If you’re in charge of the party, it will be your job to rein that in!

Games You Could Use at Bridal Shower

These games can be drinking games, but they can also just be games that you play at the bachelorette party. Most of these games can be modified if you need clean bachelorette party games, but we think they are even more fun if you play them as naughty bachelorette party games. If you don’t designate that they are supposed to be clean, keep in mind that most of these games can get very raunchy, which is great if it’s just girlfriends, but is something you need to be aware of if there are other people (like future mother-in-laws) present.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress– This game is the only “certified clean” game on the list. Everyone takes a roll of toilet paper or crepe paper and uses it to dress the bride in a paper wedding dress.  It lets your guests be creative and encourages team work, which makes it perfect for bigger groups and for groups that do not know each other very well.  The game is even more fun when your time is limited.

Taboo– This is another game that can be “certified clean” if necessary. It’s one way to do bachelorette party games in a classy manner that doesn’t make any of the guests uncomfortable.

Make a short list of words that are taboo at the bachelorette party. (We like the idea of writing them on a chalkboard near the entrance). If you say the word, you lose a point. There are a bunch of different variations on this game. In one version, each guest can get some type of marker when they walk in the room. Mardi Gras bead strands, safety pins on an elastic necklace or bracelet, or anything else that can be easily removed by another guest, starting each guest with 5 to 10 removable items. The guest who hears the taboo phrase removes the item from the speaker and the person with the most items at the end of the party wins. The second version turns it into a drinking game, with the person who says the taboo word having to drink if she’s caught. The third version is a riff on the idea of the money dance. Tell each guest to come with ten bills in a designated denomination (what denomination depends on the finances of your guest list). If they say the taboo word, then they have to add a bill to the “Taboo” jar, which you then turn over to the bride as honeymoon ‘mad money’ at the end of the night. To make the night extra-challenging, make sure to include words like “wedding,” “bride,” “bachelorette,” and the groom’s name on the taboo list!

Drop Your Panties Game– Guests have to know about this game ahead of time. Tell them to bring a new piece of lingerie (in the bride’s sizes, which you must provide to them), unwrapped, to the party. All of the lingerie is deposited in the box, and then the bride-to-be has to try to determine which guest brought the lingerie. There are two ways that this game works. The first way is that every guest is instructed to bring a piece of lingerie that they think is perfect for the bride and then the bride tries to guess who thought what was perfect for her. The second way is that every guest is instructed to bring a piece of lingerie that matches their own personality, and the bride has to try to match up the lacy bits with her guests! This can be turned into a drinking game by requiring the bride and/or the guest to drink if the bride gets it wrong! With the right group of friends, we think this is the best of the funny bachelorette party games, and the bride ends up with a cache of new lingerie for the honeymoon!

Categories- There are a ton of different variations on this game. It starts with bachelorette-themed categories. These could be mild, like favorite honeymoon spots, or wild, like favorite sexual positions. You can put categories on cards and have everyone go around naming something that fits into the category until someone is unable to name an original thing for the category. (If you are doing the drinking version, this is when the person would drink). Or you can play it like the game Scattergories and have ten to twelve categories on a pre-printed paper and give players 1 minute to fill out the paper with a word in each category starting with a designated letter. You can use an alphabetical die or make an alphabet spinner to choose the letters or you can do something cutesy, like use the letters in groom’s last name (if she is taking his name) or combine the bride and groom’s name into a single name like “Bennifer” or “Brangelina” and use those letters.


Who’s Most Likely To– This game is great for a group of women who know each other very well and is another take on the bachelorette party games questions theme. Ahead of time, you come up with phrases starting with “Most likely to _________” and then each guest writes down which one of the guests is the most likely to fill in that blank. This game can be relatively mild “Most likely to have kids first” or wild, “Most likely to have a threesome.”

Spouse-Ology– This one can either be purchased or created handmade, but does require a little prep work. You have to get together with the fiancé and have him finish some sentences like you’d see on the TV Show The Newlywed Game or answer some bachelorette party games questions for the groom. You can then have this game go two ways. The first way, the bride-to-be sits in the center of the group and is asked the question. Behind her, you indicate whether she filled in his sentence correctly or incorrectly and tally up points, giving her the point total when she’s finished. The second way is a group participation game, with everyone trying to guess what the fiancé would say. Turning this game into a drinking game is fun and easy; anytime someone guesses wrong, they have to drink!

Kiss, Marry, Kill (or other variations such as F**k, Marry, Kill Game) – Revisit your teen idol days and get a bunch of pictures of celebrities. Then play a classic game of Kiss, Marry, Kill, with each guest voting on whether they would Kiss, Marry, or Kill the celebrity. Turn it into a drinking game by requiring guests whose answers are different than the bride’s answers to take a drink.

How Well Do You Know the Bride– Like The Almost Newlywed Game, this game has people filling in sentences or answering questions about the bride? The bride writes down her answers while the guests write down their answers. For a drinking game, the guests who don’t match the bride have to drink. However, you can play it without drinking. We both love and hate this game. It’s a blast to play with a group of women who are a little competitive with one another, but all get along very well. However, if there are competitive women in the group who kinda vie for the bride’s friendship, this game could totally derail a party. Use it with caution.

Games You Can Play in Public

Truth or Dare- We suggest playing a naughty version of this children’s classic in a bar or other setting where you’ll have plenty of accomplices to your game. Dares can be standard-dare embarrassing or get a little racy. Just remember that this game should be fun, but keep it classy. Don’t dare the bride (or any other guest in a monogamous relationship) to do anything that would jeopardize that relationship.

The Scavenger Hunt- Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunts are extremely popular right now. You can do them in multiple ways, but we suggest splitting into two teams. The first way is a throw-back to childhood and the days before cell phones, so that each team actually has to collect the scavenger hunt items. The second way is to have a cell-phone scavenger hunt. You can make up the items on your scavenger hunt list yourself, personalizing them to reflect the bride’s personality. Scavenger hunts are a great way to get the party interacting with the other people around you, so they are fantastic for destination bachelorette parties or even a night on the town at home.   If you aren’t that creative or wonder what should be on a scavenger hunt list.  You can find a ton of pre-made lists to print on the internet. You can also buy cute, themed printed scavenger hunt lists at most major retailers. We love this one available from Walmart.

The Bar Card Game– If you have not played this game before, we strongly encourage you to grab a copy for your bachelorette party, or even just your next girls’ night out.  This fun game works great as an ice-breaker for new groups of people or as a way to get the party rolling for a group of established friends.  Billing itself as “the most epic, life changing game of all time,” what this game does is help your group engage with other people at a bar or other location.  Why is this important?  Part of the reason you head out to a bar is to interact with the other people there; otherwise, you would just drink, more affordably, at home.  However, it can be difficult to figure out the appropriate way to include others in your interactions.  This game has some challenges that require your group to interact with others, but also challenges that may be interesting enough to get others at the bar to play along.   

Printable Games

Want some games that are inexpensive, using materials that you will already have on hand? Then visit and check out their list of printable bachelorette party games. They have done a great job collecting them in one spot and have games that are perfect for different numbers of guests, different types of parties, and for different price points. 

Bachelorette Party Games to Buy

Of course, you can simplify the planning process by buying your games ahead of time, prepackaged, with everything you need to play them included in the box. Spenser Gifts has a great selection of bachelorette-party specific games that eliminate a lot of the work for you. While these games are not free, they are not terribly expensive either, starting at around $3. If you want raunchy games that can step into the traditional pecker-pop themed bachelorette party, this is a great place to find them.

The Pecker Ring Toss Game is like naughty horseshoes

pecker ring toss

“Pecker Ring Toss” Source: Spencers

Pin the Junk on the Hunk is an adult take on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Finally, the Selfie Spinner Game combines games and selfies. What more could you ask for?

Prizes or No Prizes?

One of the questions we get is whether you should have prizes for the games at bachelorette parties. We love the idea of prizes, whether it is something silly like everyone on the winning team gets a pecker pop or has to wear a tiara. Go full-on bachelorette party tacky with penis tiaras like this one from adultland.

If you want to keep the party classy and have the extra money to spend, consider prizes like boxes of chocolate or bottles of wine.

However, prizes can get expensive relatively quickly. They can also be burdensome if you have to carry them to your location. If you are on a budget, consider a prize that rotates with every game, like sashes or tiaras, or maybe skip the prizes and go with selfie-prizes instead. The winning team can hold up signs printed on bright paper that call them winners, while the losing team has to take a pic holding signs calling them losers. Or, perhaps each person on the losing team has to buy a drink for a person on the winning team at the next drink stop. The goal of the game isn’t to win, it’s to have fun, so don’t feel pressured to supply a prize.


Hopefully you have found our bachelorette party game ideas helpful and informative. Think we missed one or have an idea for a new take on a party game favorite? Let us know or bring it up in our forums. We are all about bringing together a community of bachelorette party enthusiasts, to help give you the information you need to pull off the party of a lifetime.