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So you are on your bachelor party and looking for some ideas for games to keep the party going and the drinks flowing until blackout status.  Here are some drinking game ideas that will help make your weekend getaway even that much more enjoyable and hazier.  All of these games are groom approved.

Bachelor Party Game Ideas

Beer Pong

What better game to start things off than beer pong? You can compete with two-person teams or individually. To make it a little more fun and exciting, we recommend collecting $10 per person or $20 per team for the pot which goes to the winner.  This is a simple game to play, making it perfect for almost any setting. Basically you find a long table, 8 feet is regulation (yes there is regulations for this game).  If you cannot find a table that long, you can order this portable version of beer pong to bring with you, but you may need an extra piece of luggage to carry it.  

You would then line up the cups in the configuration shown below, and start by throwing ping pong balls back and forth to try and land in each others’ cups.  As a ball lands in the cup, that team must drink the beer from the cup and remove the cup from play.  You are allowed a total of two re-racks which can be any configuration of your choosing (see below for most popular choices).  The team that wins is the team that eliminates all the cups from the other team or individual they are playing.

You continue the game until one team has beat all the other teams in beer pong, and the winning individual or team is awarded the cash in the pot from the other remaining teams that were eliminated.

beer pong re-rack configurations

[ Beer Pong Re-Rack Configurations ]

If you are deciding to stay local you should just order a full foldable beer pong table which you can use for your bachelor party and future tailgates, concerts, etc.

Drunk Jenga

Yes, you have probably played Jenga before as a little kid and without the alcohol.  This time we are bringing back another childhood game for your bachelor party and adding an interesting twist, drinking.  Usually this game consists of 2-4 people playing who take turns pulling the wood blocks out.  Once the entire set of blocks falls, the person who pulled the last block out loses.  Here is where things get a little interesting.  Basically you get a large glass and everyone pours part of what they are drinking into that glass.  This means beer can mix with vodka or Jack Daniels, or even with wine (who drinks wine at a bachelor party?).  Anyhow, you play the game normally and the loser now has to chug the concoction that was put in that glass before the game began.

Shot Roulette

Shot Roulette is the perfect game for getting a buzz before heading to the bars or clubs.  Basically you fill each shot glass on the roulette wheel with a different type of alcohol.  One could be beer, another could be whiskey, another could be a pickleback, another could be fireball.  Each guy would pick a number or multiple numbers if you have a smaller group.  If the ball lands on your number you must take the shot in the glass that corresponds with the number.  Play this game only a few rounds or you may end up in jail by the end of the evening.

Flip Cup

This is another fun game to work in the mix.  There are two teams in this game, one on each side of the table.  Line up cups along the edge of the table and fill them with about 1/2 of a beer or less.  Two people that are lined up across from each other go first, drinking the beer from the cup and flipping it over so it lands face down.  Once the cup is flipped, the next teammate drinks his beer, flips his cup, and repeat.  Once an entire team has consumed their beer and flipped their cups, that team becomes the winner.  The next round you would start the game with two different people and continue until you all pass out from alcohol poisoning.

Make sure you pick up this flip cup kit which will help make the game more exciting:

or you can opt for a miniature version of flip cup too:

Cards Against Humanity

We are sure you have heard of this game by now.  Each player draws 10 white cards.  The person who most recently took a poop starts out as the card Czar and plays the first black card.  Basically each round the Czar (goes in clockwise rotation) asks a question with their black card, and all the players answer the question with their white cards.  The person whose white card the Czar finds the best is the winner and awarded the black card.  The person with the most black cards at the end of the game is declared the winner.

Scavenger Hunt

This game becomes much more challenging the drunker your bachelor party becomes.  Compile a list of items that each bachelor must find along their journey of barhopping.  The person who ends up with the most items at the end is declared the winner.  The creative and challenging part of this game is coming up with the items on the checklist, so we have decided to provide you with a few to make your life easier.

Make sure you order some t-shirts so everyone knows you are playing a game and not just a drunk creep.

To Do List

  • Find a female wearing purple lipstick and apply it to your lips, with a picture to confirm (do not sniff it)
  • Find a bar that serves the shot “Jeffrey” and take a shot of it.
  • Convince a girl to remove her panties and wear them on your head for a photoshoot
  • Get an unused condom from a girl, open it up, and blow it up like a balloon
  • Find a bachelorette party in your vicinity and take a picture with them
  • Get a lap dance from a random female at the bar

Loaded Kings

This is another great card/drinking game.  Each card has a different meaning and based on the card you pick you must fulfill its tasks.  Some examples of the card meaning are below.  For the Kings, you would pour some of what you are drinking into the glass located in the middle of the table.  The person who pulls the 4th king must drink the middle glass, and the game is over.  It is much easier to just purchase loaded kings online, which explain the meaning of each card directly on the card, so there is no confusion.  The cards are also waterproof which means you can spill drinks all over the cards and still use them for the next bachelor party.

6: Chicks – All girls drink – in this case it would be all guys, unless you have some strippers hanging out with you and playing the game as well.
7: Heaven – All players point towards the sky, last player to do so drinks
8: Mate – Pick a person to drink with
9: Rhyme – Say a phrase, and everyone else must say phrases that rhyme
10: Categories – Pick a category, and say something from that category (example: types of cars, and answer could be Jeep Grand Cherokee)


(also referred as Cee-Lo, and we don’t mean the hip hop artist that apparently loves ecstasy)  This is a fun dice game which you can play for money or drinking.  Basically you have (3) six-sided dice.  Each player rolls all three dice to determine their number or score. Your score is determined by the number rolled on two of the three dice.  This means if you rolled 2-3-3 your score would be a “3.”  If your buddy goes next and rolls a 6-6-5, their score would be a “6.”

  • 4-5-6 combination is an automatic winner
  • 1-2-3 on the three dice is an automatic loser
  • 3-3-4 means you rolled a “3”
  • 5-5-5 is trips, which can only be beat by a higher pair of trips (in this case 6-6-6) or 4-5-6.

You can sweeten up the game by adding $1.00 to $5.00 per round, so the winner of that round takes what is in the pot.  You can also exchange cash for drinking, where the winner decides a shot that all the losers must take after each round.

Dice are inexpensive and easy to pack.  You can find them at your local dollar tree, or you can order dice online as well.

There are also other ways / variations you can play as well.  Check out some different rules used to play See-Low / Cee Lo


This game involves teams of two per each side.  It will require you to purchase a set of two cornhole boards, or to make your own.  The board surface must be 2′ x 4′ and have a  circular hole so that the bean bag can land in it.  There should be a total of 8 bean bags, 2 different colors, 6×6 in size, and 1 pd of corn in each.  You can purchase the bags and fill them yourselves, or buy the bean bags already filled.  Below are some important rules regarding this game.


  • All 8 cornhole bags begin at one end.
  • A coin flip shall determine which cornhole team has honors in round one.
  • One of the partners on the team who has honors shall begin play by throwing a cornhole bag at the opposite cornhole box.
  • A cornhole player may throw from anywhere behind the front of the cornhole box they are throwing from.
  • Game continues by alternating throws between the two opponent players until all 8 cornhole bags have been thrown.
  • If a cornhole bag hits the ground then bounces up onto the board, that bag shall be taken off the playing surface.
  • The next round starts when the other cornhole player on the team, which has honors, throws their first cornhole bag.
  • The cornhole game continues until one team reaches 21 or more points.

1. A foul occurs when any of the following happens.
2. A cornhole players foot goes past the foot foul line, termed a foot foul.
3. A player goes out of turn.
4. The player who caused the foul loses the throw when the foul occurred and the bag shall be removed if it landed on the playing surface.

1. The score shall be taken after all cornhole bags have been thrown for a round.

  • 3 points for a cornhole bag that goes through the hole.
  • 1 point for a cornhole bag that is on the playing surface.
  • 1 point for a cornhole bag that is hanging into the hole.
  • 1 point for a cornhole bag that is hanging off the edge but not touching the ground.
  • 0 points for a cornhole bag that is on the playing surface, but also touching the ground.
  • 0 points for a cornhole bag that is hanging off the front edge and is resting on a cornhole bag that is on the ground (unless the cornhole bag on the ground can be removed without making the hanging bag fall to the ground, then one point is given).
  1. The cornhole team with the highest round score, adds the difference of the two scores to their game score.
  2. The cornhole team who wins the round is given honors to throw first in the next round.
  3. If both cornhole teams have the same round score then the game score stays the same and honors stays with the team who had it the previous round.

Credit Card Roulette 

This game is fun but if you play a certain way, this will most likely ruin someone’s night.  After you and your buddies go out to dinner or a nightclub or a strip club and the bill comes, everyone will throw their credit card into a hat or bag.  The waiter or waitress will then come over, mix up the cards in the bag or hat and pull one from the bunch.  The card pulled is the one that pays the entire bill.  We have also seen this game played another safer way, where the card that is pulled does not pay, and the remaining cards pick up the difference for the winner.

Strip Poker

No, this does not mean you and your buddies strip down and look at each other, that would make things weird.  Basically what you do is invite a few strippers to hang out at your house or hotel.  Each stripper would team up with one guy.  The guys would then play Texas hold-em poker and each time a team loses, the women who teamed up with the losers would lose an article of clothing.  If you fold before the flop, you are not required to lose an article of clothing but you have to chug a beer.

 Bachelor Party Bingo

For only five bucks, you can order these 5 x 7 bingo/scavenger hunt cards online and download them immediately for printing at home or a local copy shop. Some of the more challenging bingo squares on these cards include, “Get someone to sign your chest,” “Propose to a stranger,” “Get a condom from a girl,” and “Have someone buy you a drink.” You can also make your own versions of these bingo cards using your own challenges that involve local bars, landmarks and attractions.

Looking for a game that you can play while out at a bar to really get the most of that bar’s particular atmosphere?  Then you really need to check out The Bar Card Game.  A little bit like a dare-only version of truth or dare, this game has been specifically designed to encourage your group to interact with the other people at the bar.  This means that, depending on where you play, the game can have vastly different outcomes.  It is also a game that is designed to let you playfully flirt with the girls at the bar without crossing any inappropriate lines.  Whether you ask them to play along or simply let them observe your crazy antics, you play off the other people in the bar when you play this game.  The cards range from mild to mildly wild; there is nothing in there that means anyone has to do anything really inappropriate, but if you are a rowdy bunch, they can certainly be the springboard for some outrageous behaviors.  So, graba a copy of the game, head to your favorite bar, and give it a go.

Toilet Seat Horseshoes

Purchase six or eight NEW (this is VERY important) but inexpensive toilet seats from your local hardware, plumbing supply store, or amazon in two different colors (whichever are cheapest – keep your receipt – we’ll explain why below).

Use something sturdy like broom handles or metal pipes for your “horseshoe” posts and plant these about 30 feet apart (regulation distance is 40 feet but the toilet seats are more difficult to throw than regular horseshoes and there’s probably drinking involved at your party). Form teams of two or three with each team using a different color toilet seat.

The game is played and scored the same way as ordinary horseshoes (remember “ringers” and “leaners”?), but the losing team of each round has to chug a beer while the winning team moves on to compete with the next team until there’s a final winner. The winning team receives the toilet seat as a prize. Be sure to take a picture of the winning team (and the groom in case he isn’t on the winning team) wearing their toilet seats around their necks. Return the extra toilet seats to the store (you kept your receipt, right?) and tell them they weren’t what you had in mind. Explain any breaks, scratches or dings as being the result of “ordinary wear and tear” in case they ask.

Microwave Peep Races

This bachelor party game will be a little more expensive than some of the others we describe but you and your friends won’t forget this one! In fact, this may be the best bachelor party game in the history of the world.

Buy three or four used microwave ovens at the pawn shop or used appliance store. Try to find the highest wattages available but price is more important – these ovens will probably not survive and if they do, you won’t want to use them for anything else). Put a sturdy table you don’t necessarily care about in your backyard, place one of the microwaves on top and run an extension cord to the nearest outlet. Stop at the grocery store and buy several bags of marshmallow Peeps. Using a black marker, label the Peeps with numbers ranging from one to however many attendees you have at your party. If there are more than ten attendees, you might want to limit each race to five or so Peeps to keep things manageable. Everyone puts a dollar in the pot and whoever’s Peep explodes in the microwave first wins the pot and the losers must eat their melted Peeps. If the first microwave is destroyed in the process, use a spare for the next series of races. You can substitute regular marshmallows, but Peeps are more fun because, well, they’re cute and guys like to see them explode (and melt).

If there’s a microwave left after the races are finished, put a few rolls of Pillsbury biscuits, a bunch of ketchup packets, several packages of Twinkies or a couple of sealed bags of potato chips in there and let ‘er rip (we recommend the “nuke” setting). Bets can also be placed on which item will blow up first. Guaranteed fun but you might want to stand back a few feet …

Extreme Croquet

Sure, you remember croquet from your childhood days, right? Everyone took turns, played politely and there were strict rules about everything? Well, forget that wussy version and give extreme croquet a try for your bachelor party. If you already have a croquet set, you’re ready to go. If not, borrow one (don’t tell them what it’s for because mallets and balls are prone to damage), find one at a local thrift store or buy a croquet set online– it’ll be worth it because you and your friends will have a blast (literally) playing this bachelor party game.

Find a local park or other outdoor area that has some challenging terrain elements such as large rocks, hills, trees (with big roots), ditches, water hazards and so forth. Place the wickets in hard-to-reach spots and allow the groom to go first. Team up in twos or play individually. Play generally proceeds according to normal croquet rules, with exceptions being made for unusual circumstances. Some variations on conventional croquet rules you might want to use include the following:

  • When a player’s ball hits another ball, the player may elect to continue to play using the ball he hit;
  • Players must wear swim flippers;
  • Players can use any part of the mallet to hit the ball, including the side (polo style) or with the handle (billiard style); and,
  • Balls moved by unleashed dogs must be played from the point where they are dropped.

You can make up your own rules as well, of course, even as play progresses. In fact, cheating is a prerequisite in extreme croquet. Naturally, it is expected that anyone croqueting another player’s ball after hitting it will do so with “extreme” vigor, preferably in the direction of the nearest water hazard, busy street or poison ivy patch. Keep score or not (it’s not really important in extreme croquet), but include some beer-chugging penalties (if your venue allows) for things like forgetting which wicket the player is shooting for or hitting another player (accidentally?) with a ball. The first player to clear all wickets is “poison” and must chug a beer. The “poison” player is also allowed to take one player’s ball and throw it as far as he wants in any direction (e.g., the “payback” rule). Take lots of pictures because you’ll want to remember this event. You and your friends may like this bachelor party game enough that you’ll join an existing league and play on a regular basis.

Backyard Bowling

This is a low-cost alternative to real bowling that is easy to put together and loads of fun. Take 10 empty two-liter bottles and fill them with sand (leave them full of the original beverage if you feel like living dangerously but buy some extras in case of explosions). You can paint the two-liter bottles to resemble real bowling pins if you feel creative.

Buy several used bowling balls from a local bowling alley, thrift store and/or ask guests to bring their own. Outline a “bowling lane” on your backyard about 30 feet long (regulation is 60 feet but backyard bowling is more difficult because of the grass and here again, there’s probably drinking involved) using bright tape or ribbon and team up in twos or bowl individually.

Scorekeeping for backyard bowling is the same as regular bowling (you can find free printable score sheets available here) but there are several drinking penalties to keep this version exciting, including chugging a beer if the bowler “gutters” (e.g., he doesn’t hit any “pins”) or making anyone who bowls a strike wear a blindfold on his next turn). Plenty of gusto is required to play this game so make sure you offer a great prize for the winner such as a real (used) bowling trophy (preferably with someone else’s name on it). There are lots of humorous photo ops with backyard bowling so be sure to assign a designated photographer to memorialize the event.

If you aren’t the creative type you can also purchase this lawn bowling pin / ball set online and save yourself some time.

Frisbee Challenge

Part of the male DNA is the ability to throw a Frisbee better than anyone else, and this game provides the opportunity for you and your guests to prove it. The best part of this game is its ease in preparation and play. There are also plenty of drinking-penalty opportunities in this game.

You can either build a simple scoreboard out of a piece of 4 X 6 quarter-inch plywood (see below) or use cardboard boxes of different sizes with the smaller boxes generating higher scores. If you use boxes, take the time to paint them bright colors to add to the festive atmosphere. 

Carnival Game Frisbee Toss Game #Homemade #Any

Buy Frisbees for everyone to have three of their own and pace off about 20 feet for your throwing line. Although you can form teams, Frisbee Challenge is more of an individual game so let your conscience be your guide on this one. Game play begins by giving everyone three throws. If a player misses the scoreboard or boxes entirely, he must chug a beer (you can also include drinking-penalty slots in your scoreboard or boxes). The player with the highest score after three rounds of play wins the game and is crowned “King Frisbee” for the duration of the party.


As you can see from this list of bachelor party games, it’s possible for you and your friends to have a great time for just a few bucks in any type of weather. In fact, almost any indoor or outdoor adult game and some children’s games can be modified for bachelor parties by including drinking penalties, betting opportunities and some general good-natured cheating. If the weather permits, you may want to include some of the outdoor-type games we’ve described since these will get the blood pumping and keep the excitement level high. Remember, when it comes to bachelor party games, safety first (or second or third – you can take a vote) and take lots of pictures.

None of these ideas helped out your cause?  Check out all the other bachelor party games available, or leave some ideas below in our comment section.