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The rumors of grooms snorting coke off exotic stripper’s nipples (you wish!) and wild drunken and drug-fueled sex in hot tubs with hookers may be true in some isolated cases, but most bachelor parties do not conform to this stereotypical image today. Since this is an important milestone in men’s lives, it is not surprising that many want to know what happens at bachelor parties and we provide you with some real-world advice below.

What happens at bachelor parties?

In some cases, virtually anything goes at a bachelor party and these types of parties can include free-flowing booze and/or illicit drugs combined with sexual adventures in the form of lap dancing, strippers or one-night stands for the groom and/or groomsmen. This traditional “Hangover-style” of bachelor party, though, is not as common as many people believe and far more bachelor parties involve male-bonding activities such as drinking beer, playing football, fishing, tubing and boating. In other words, what happens at bachelor parties depends on the usual party planner — the best man. This is not to say, of course, that sex is not an important part of the bachelor party tradition, but it is to say that the groom’s wishes should be the controlling factor in what happens at bachelor parties and his buddies shouldn’t pressure him into doing anything against his will.


What happens at bachelor parties depends on what the groom wants and the best man plans and the best bachelor parties will conform to this maxim. Bachelor parties typically include various male-bonding activities such as over drinking, playing “guy sports” and sometimes bar-hopping and visiting strip clubs. In some cases, the groom and/or groomsmen will engage in sex at some point during the festivities, but this practice has become less common in recent years.