Suites for Bachelor Party Vegas


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Going to Vegas with a group of 20 guys for our friend Nick's bachelor party. Looking for an amazing suite that can sleep 20 semi-comfortably (couches, bedrooms, roll-aways). Any hotels or suite names you know of that would work?
The best bachelor party suite in Las Vegas is the Sky Villa at Aria. Although extremely expensive (up to $7500 per night) , this 2-story 7,000 square foot villa has a total of 15 rooms. Some of those rooms include a billiards/game room, gym, library, entertainment bar area, steam room and sauna, as well as many bedrooms for the guys that actually sleep. The gold wrapped staircase bringing you to the second floor really brings baller to a new level. Do not forget about the electronic toilets that clean you after you take care of business.

Aria is also located in City Center and is right next door to the Cosmopolitan Hotel, which is the hottest Vegas property at this time.