Ora Miami Beach for Bachelorette Party


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Hi, we are going to Miami in two weeks. I saw online there is a new club that recently opened, Ora. My question is, the group we are going with does not have the budget to be getting bottles, we all live paycheck to paycheck. Do they offer an option where we can share/split a table with a group of guys or do they have discounted bottles for bachelorette parties?
Basically you have a few options here:

1. You can just go in through general admission and go over to a table of guys and get drinks that way. Usually if they are not with other snobby chicks, they will be open to hanging out and partying with you.

2. You can contact a VIP host and have them set you up. Depending on the specific night and who the headliner is, they maybe able to work you a good deal on bottles. The clubs want women there so guys come too, and spend all their parents money.

You should start by filling out the Ora contact us form.