Is Club Space still the afterhour spot?


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Heading from Orlando to Miami with about 10 guys for a crazy weekend. We were down there about 5 years ago and remember that Club Space terrace was the after-hour spot. Is this still the case or is there another place we should check out as well.
Although Club Space has changed ownership in recent years, it is still one of the top options for partying till the sun rises. Head over there around 3AM as that is when things start getting busy, and will go strong till around 12 noon. Bring some sunglasses so when you start seeing light on the terrace you do not crawl into a hole.

Another great option, with a classier group of clientele would be E11even which is located across the street. This is the old Gold Rush strip club that was leveled to build this 3 story sports bar meets nightclub meets gentleman's club meets rooftop restaurant. The best part about this place is there is always a very good looking crowd and it's open 24 hours.