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    We are planning a big trip to Hard Rock in Panama City for my bros bachelor party. Has anyone stayed here before and have an opinion of this place? We have narrowed it down to Hard Rock or Sotris.
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    Mar 5, 2017
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    You can not go wrong with each option in our opinion. You may get a younger crowd at the Hard Rock, but both hotels are great options for trying to sleep and partying. If you are looking for the gambling aspect, then you will need to head over to Sortis, as they have a hotel, casino, and spa on property. The Hard Rock currently does not have a casino.
  3. Hard Rock is located in the heart of downtown Panama, but only problem is that they are sticklers when it comes to bringing up additional guests to the rooms. If you plan on bringing any girls back to your room then there will be an additional $100 per girl. They won't confront you face to face about this charge, but when you go to check out there it will be. This goes for the Trump hotel as well and pretty much most of the hotels if you don't go through fixer who can get those fees waived.
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    Me and two buddies are headed there in about two weeks. We want to arrange for
    2 or 3 girls for a couple of overnights. Going to rent a townhome. How can we arrange this?

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