Do we need a bodyguard for bachelor party in Cartagena?

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    We are going there with 12 guys in the end of May and was wondering how safe it was. Our friends get very drunk and like to party as well. Do you think we need to rent an armed bodyguard to keep an eye on us while we are hopping around the various clubs?

    If so, can you provide us with some companies that would handle this and the costs involved? Thanks.
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    The truth is Cartagena, Colombia is very safe. You may end up drawing more attention to yourself by having hired bodyguards, where locals will think you have money and may try something funny. The area is known for tourists that love to drink and engage in other activities, and they keep it safe as they depend on the tourism money.

    However, if you feel you really need an armed guard for your group, below is information on a company that offers protective services. You are looking at about $25.00+ per hour for this service, which is not much money at all, especially when you divide the bill out by the other guys.

    Seguridad Atlas
    Address: Carrera 3 No. 9-106, Bocagrande
    Phone: 5-6653606 320-6779696
    Email: [email protected]

    Another option would be protective services from ETS
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    I was in Cartagena last year for a friends bachelor party ******** , in the months before we traveled while talking with them they mentioned that Cartagena is completely safe, safer than NYC.
    We had no problems while we were there, there is a heavy police presence and the people are very nice. I would recommend ********** they set us up with the cities best mansion and yacht. the only shitty party was that my buddy canceled his wedding after the yacht party these guys set up.
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