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Strippers, exotic dancers, adult entertainment, erotic dancer.  Whatever you want to call it, strippers are classic bachelor and bachelorette party entertainment.  However, many of us have no experience hiring strippers.  This handy how-to guide will take you step-by-step through the process, helping ensure that you get the best adult entertainment for your hen party!

Steps for Hiring a Bachelorette Party Stripper

Step 1

First, you need to find out if the bride wants a stripper.  You may think that having a stripper is the very best idea you have ever had and that there is absolutely no way that the bride will disagree.  Check with her anyway.   Because the reasons that some people are uncomfortable with strippers varies from person-to-person, even the most sexually liberated bride may balk at the idea of stripper at her bachelorette. 

What do you do if the bride does not want strippers, but you think eye-candy is important at the bachelorette event?  Do not despair.  There are plenty of alternatives that can provide you with the eye-candy feel, but without the taboo of the stripper.  Lots of cities have restaurants known for their attractive waiters, or even services where you can get shirtless waiters to serve you for a private meal, either in a restaurant’s party room or catered in a home or hotel dining room.  You could also rent erotic movies (if the bride is not comfortable with strippers, chances are good that a XXX showing will not be her speed, either, but there are plenty of very hot movies in the R-rating range).  Just remember, if the bride is uncomfortable, no one is going to have a good time.

Step 2

Second, now that you know that the bride is down with the stripper idea, you have a choice to make- strip club or private entertainment?  Depending on where you live, you may have a choice between heading out a strip club or hiring private entertainment.  If you live in or near a big city, then there may be a male exotic dance venue, or, if there are no clubs dedicated to male exotic dancers, at least traveling shows or clubs that have designated nights for male exotic dancers.  However, for most people in the United States, hiring a stripper for a bachelorette party is going to mean going with private entertainment. 

If you do have the option of a strip club, then you have to make the decision which way you want to go.  There are definitely pros and cons to clubs and private dancers.  The pros of going to a club include: a larger venue, dedicated dance space, pre-defined rules, less work for the party organizer, and sometimes more comfortable for people who are on the fence about strippers.  The pros of hiring a private dancer include: affordability, you can get a stripper even if you live in a place without a strip club featuring male dancers, no worries about drinking and driving, you can be more particular about the stripper’s appearance, and the bride-to-be is the main object of the dancing. 

You may wonder why we list affordability as a plus for private dancers, because you will almost certainly spend more than you would just on cover charges at a local strip club.  That is because strip clubs do not make the bulk of their money on cover charges; they make their money on drinks and tips.  You can easily head into the bar and walk out hundreds of dollars poorer!  If you have a private stripper come handle your party entertainment, then you know exactly how much you will spend.  You have control over the drinks and are much more likely to stick to a pre-set tip amount. 

Step 3

Third, now that you know you are going with a private dancer, you have to find one.  This is where the internet is both a blessing and curse!  You can use any of the major search engines to find strippers in your area, and many of them will even have reviews on sites like Yelp! to help you determine their professional behaviors.  Lots of local areas will have larger stripper services available, and you will be able to look at pictures and pick a particular stripper for your party.

We like the idea of going with larger, established companies.  Life happens.  If the dancer you chose is unable to attend the party for some reason, then a larger, well-established company with a good business reputation is going to be far more likely to provide a replacement dancer than an individual.  In addition, larger companies are going to be more likely to perform background checks on their dancers and avoid accidentally sending someone dangerous to your party.

However, if you are not in a large area, you may not be able to find a company or even an individual stripper.  If that is the case, one tip we have is to contact escort services and see if they also offer dancers- many of them do.  You can also look to hire a stripper in a nearby larger city, but be prepared to pay for their travel costs and the time it takes them to travel to you.

Step 4

Fourth, there are some important things you need to know before hiring a stripper for your party. You need to ask about: rates, how you pay, who pays for travel costs, if you need to have any special accommodations available for the dancer, and if there are any rules that the stripper or company follows.  Will there be chair dances, and, if so, do you need to have a certain type of chair available?  Most private strippers are going to have rules about touching, but you also want to convey any expectations or rules you have about the dancer touching the guests.  Get the answers to these questions before you begin any type of contract negotiation, because you do not want to be in the middle of negotiations and discover something that is a deal-breaker for either party.

Step 5

Fifth, figure out the terms of the contract.  Are you guaranteed a specific dancer?  If so, if that dancer is unavailable, what will the company do for you?  What is the rate?  What do you get for that charge?  How many songs does it include?  Are travel expenses included in the rate?  What will the dancer do?  How naked will the stripper get?  Will the stripper come in costume or in plain clothes?  Will he provide his own music and sound system, or do you need to provide it?  How will billing be handled?  Are there any rules about filming the performance/ taking photographs?  Are there any rules about posting images or videos on social media?

Once you get the terms of the contract in writing, pay with a credit card, whenever possible.  You will probably be expected to pay at least half of the stripper’s fee upfront.  This is a fair and reasonable practice, because, if you cancel, the entertainer misses out on the opportunity to make money that night.  However, if you pay cash ahead of time and the stripper fails to appear or is unsatisfactory, you have no recourse.  Determine which of your credit cards has the best consumer protection policy in place and use it to pay for the stripper. 

Step 6

Sixth, as a group, it might be fair to characterize strippers as unreliable.  Therefore, to ensure that your party goes smoothly, you need to prepare ahead of time for some hiccups.  Here are some things you can do to make sure that, even if the stripper makes some mistakes, your night still goes smoothly.

Make sure you have a good contact number for the agency.  Strippers are notorious for running late, so you may have to make some phone calls to make sure that they show up on time.

Speaking of phone calls, make sure you have a phone on you, with the ringer on, so that the stripper can contact you if something occurs.  Maybe they need directions, to let you know they are running late, to ask a last minute question.  Whatever the issue, you want to make sure that you are available to answer the question so that a minor issue does not turn into a major problem.

Make sure you give them good directions to your party’s location.  Yes, the stripper almost certainly has a cell phone with GPS capabilities and can run Google Maps or another similar service.  However, have you ever relied upon Google Maps to get somewhere and found yourself in the wrong place?  We all have.  So, check out which services are reliable in your area, and let the stripper know which one to use.  If none of them are reliable, make sure that you give great directions.

Prepare the doorman/concierge/front desk for your entertainer to arrive.  If you live in an apartment complex, condominium complex, or a gated community, or you are staying somewhere that guests need to check into a front desk, then take a few minutes to let them know that you are expecting an entertainer at a specific time.  Also, let them know whether you want a call-ahead or for the person to be buzzed-through/sent up without a phone call.  Taking a few minutes ahead of time can help things run much more smoothly that night!

Call the agency 48 to 72 hours before the party to confirm the details and ask any last-minute questions.  Do not try to change any details this close to the date, but just call to confirm that you are all on the same page. 

Be prepared for someone who is not prepared.  If everything goes as it should, the stripper will arrive with everything he needs to put on an amazing performance.  If not, have some backup options.  If you can get a play list beforehand, then put that playlist on your Spotify account on your phone and bring a small Bluetooth speaker; that way you have music even if his fails.  Does it sound like he is going to oil up before dancing?  Invest an extra couple of bucks in a bottle of unscented massage oil, in case he forgets his. 

Finally, keep in mind that stripping is a profession, not an identity.  Strippers have all kinds of horror stories about inappropriate or rude behavior from customers.  As you might imagine, that type of behavior does not inspire someone to give their best.  Encouraging your group to be polite and follow the stripper’s rules, even while getting raunchy, is the best way to ensure you all enjoy the evening!


Hiring a stripper can be intimidating for a newbie, but it really is not any different from hiring someone to perform any other type of personal service.  If you follow the tips in this tutorial, we think you will find it easier than you imagined to hire quality adult entertainment for your bachelorette party.  Regardless of the bachelorette party destination you choose, there will be plenty of options available for your group.