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Although the precise origins of best men are lost in the mists of time, what is known for certain is that they’ve played an important role in helping their friends get married in style. Most authorities agree that the original function of the best man was to help the groom kidnap his willing or unwilling bride from a neighboring tribe, but the responsibilities of best men today include planning an epic bachelor party for the groom.

Since you’re reading this, you’ve probably been given this distinctive honor and you don’t want to screw it up. Good thinking! You’ve got a lot to do and probably not much time to do it, so the best way to invite your potential guests is using an emailed invitation. For this purpose, we’ve put together a bachelor party email invitation template below that will motivate your potential guests to attend or at least to let you know they can’t make it.

You can either copy and paste this email template into a word processing document which can then be personalized with your specific bachelor party information or use it as a guide for creating your own unique bachelor party email invitation.


In any event, your friends are probably busy so don’t try to be cute, be sure to keep the invitation brief and ensure that all of the elements contained in the template below are included:

Bachelor Party Email Invitation Template / Example

Email subject line: Your invitation to [groom’s first name] [groom’s last name]’s Epic Bachelor Party!

Hi [guest’s first name],

As you probably know, [groom’s first name] [groom’s last name] is getting married soon and you’re cordially invited to his Epic Bachelor Party. Everything basic that you need to know about this bachelor party is provided below so if you plan on attending, you may want to keep a copy for future reference.

Although I’m sure [groom’s first name] wants you all to attend, the bachelor party guest list is limited to the first ten people to confirm their attendance in order to be fair. Additional detailed information about the location, party activities, things to bring or pack, and other stuff you’ll want to know will be provided after the guest list is finalized.

We all look forward to seeing you at [groom’s first name] so please let me know asap if you’ll be able to attend or not. The first guest to respond with an acceptance will receive two free drinks on me (I want to get this done!).

Date(s) and place: August 15 to August 18, 2019; Atlantic City, New Jersey

Time: Party begins at 9:00 p.m. on August 15, 2019

Projected cost: The 4-day stay at a four-star hotel in Atlantic City, meals, drinks, and entertainment will cost each guest about $600. This cost does not include travel or tips, but does include a free customized bachelor party tee-shirt (additional shirts available at cost).

Additional information: Depending on what you guys want to do, we’re thinking that some sightseeing in a charter boat, enjoying some water sports such as parasailing and then hitting the casinos for awhile should be part of any itinerary.

This is going to be a world-class bachelor party that you don’t want to miss so try to attend!

Download this example email template in Adobe PDF or MS Word document Format.


Nothing’s worse than a bachelor party where no one shows up because the best man failed to invite anyone. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by using the bachelor party invitation email template provided above, and the groom will be especially grateful for your efforts.